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We are a four laywer boutique firm specializing in entertainment and new media law


The firm’s transactional and entertainment litigation practice focus on strategic, aggressive, results-oriented representation for our clients. Our expertise lies in review and negotiation of contracts for new talent (actors, producers, writers and directors) as well as crisis intervention and litigation matters. Kernan Law has represented some of the top entertainment corporations and entertainers in federal court.

The Kernan Law Firm is a boutique entertainment transactional and litigation firm. The firm was founded by S. Michael Kernan shortly after his departure from International Creative Management (ICM).

Representating a wide array of clients, our exceptional attorneys and affiliate firms litigate against the largest law firms and entertainment companies, approaching cases with fiscal discernment for all of our clientele.

We welcome clients no matter the size of the contract or size of the profile, a promise that many larger law firms in this area simply cannot make. We are available, and always accessible, to producers, directors, actors and agents, as well as businesses established on an entertainment/social media platform.



Entertainment Law:

Prosecution and Defense of Film and Television

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Conflicts between Management and Agencies

Royalty Accounting Actions

Violations of Publishing, Mechanical and Recording Agreements

Failure to Distribute Actions

Entity Dissolution Actions

Licensing and Royalty Disputes

Unauthorized Use of Name and Likeness

Defense and Prosecution of Libel and Slander Suits

Theft of Screenplays and Ideas

Rights of Publicity and Privacy

Deceased Celebrity Rights of Publicity

Contractual Entertainment Disputes

Business Disputes in the Entertainment Industry

Copyright Infringement

Labor Commissioner Arbitrations

Trademark and Trade Secret Litigation


Defamation Law